ND Democrats Use Martin Luther King Day To Rail Against Tax Relief


And this is why Democrats are on the political fringe in North Dakota (click for a larger view):


It’s always class war, all the time with these people. We can’t have a reasoned debate about the state’s tax code as it relates to the oil industry because BIG OIL IS EVIL AND STUFF, CLICK HERE TO GIVE US MONEY!

It’s childish.

The case for reforming the state’s oil taxes is compelling, and shouldn’t be seen as a sop to the oil industry. North Dakota has one of the highest tax rates on oil extraction in the nation, and it’s variable meaning that it shifts with oil prices. Both areas should be reformed. We should pick a lower rate that’s more competitive with other states, and make it flat.

This is anathema to some because, again, the partisan break down on this issue is a preference for a level playing field for industry versus BIG OIL IS EVIL!!!1!, but it’s worth having a grown up debate about.

It’s too bad Democrats apparently won’t be participating.