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It's A Good Thing North Dakota Democrats Didn't Get Their Way On Taxes And Spending

It's A Good Thing North Dakota Democrats Didn't Get Their Way On Taxes And Spending

During the legislative session earlier this year Democrats were in attack mode over two budget concerns. For one thing, they were worried that concerns over low oil prices would have the Republican majority spending too conservatively. “The sky is not falling here,” Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider, a Democrat from Grand Forks, said. “We don’t

North Dakota Tax Revenues Continue To Come In Under Forecast

When the August general fund revenue numbers were released by the Office of Management and Budget last month one lawmaker described them to me with one word: “Ugly.” By that measure the September numbers (see below) are even uglier, because they show the state falling further behind revenue forecasts. Last month’s report showed the state’s

Senator Rich Wardner: Critics Of Oil Tax Reforms Fail Economics Test

By making North Dakota a great place to do business, our state has enjoyed unparalleled economic growth and job creation over the last 20 years. Virtually every sector of our economy has grown and provided new opportunities for the people across this great state. Unfortunately, Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Mac Schneider and House Minority

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Get Your Tin Foil Hats: Democrats Accuse Republicans Of Controlling Oil Prices

Now that the much-dreaded “big trigger” oil tax exemption didn’t kick in thanks to a modest recovery in oil prices Democrats have decided to make political hay over bipartisan oil tax reform to eliminate that trigger in exchange for lower overall rates. Today the Democrats’ legislative leadership – House Minority Leader Kenton Onstad and Senate

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Three Affiliated Tribes Crying Wolf Over Oil Tax Changes

During the closing weeks of the 2015 legislative session lawmakers went to battle over a contentious reform to the state’s oil tax laws. With the possibility looming of a tax exemption triggered by low oil prices wiping out the 5 percent oil extraction tax entirely and blowing a multi-billion dollar hole in state tax revenues,

North Dakota General Fund Tax Revenues Down 16.7 Percent In April

Oil prices have fallen, and oil activity in North Dakota has slowed down. This is showing up in the state in all sorts of ways from declines in airline boardings to projected falls in enrollment for oil patch schools. It is starting to show up in the state’s tax revenue streams too per the Office

Video: North Dakota Senate Passes Oil Tax Reform Bill

It was a large video file to upload so it may be a couple of minutes before it appears After roughly three hours of debate, during which Senate Democrats worked to wring every possible drop of political theater out of the proceedings, the state Senate tonight passed an oil tax reform bill as amended in