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After Hours: Will Slow Production Affect The One Billion Dollar Oil Infrastructure Bill?

After Hours: Will Slow Production Affect The One Billion Dollar Oil Infrastructure Bill?

Is one billion in western infrastructure still needed with the recent oil production slowdown? Knowledgeable on many state issues in his other roles, this time Shane Goettle spoke to me Friday evening as an assistant attorney for several western ND cities in order to answer this and other infrastructure questions. Goettle set the stage on the need for infrastructure speaking to the number

When A 3 Percent Pay Raise For Public Employees Somehow Becomes A Pay Cut

I had some business/family stuff to attend to yesterday so I mostly missed the floor sessions in the legislature, but I had to comment on this because it’s pretty absurd. The Senate Appropriations Committee has, prudently, begun to pare down spending bills because the state is facing billions of dollars worth of revenue uncertainties thanks

TransCanada Betting Big On An Oil Turnaround

Plunging oil prices have made North Dakotans nervous about the future of the oil boom. But you know who isn’t nervous? TransCanada, the folks behind the uber-controversial Keystone XL pipeline the approval for which Congress just sent to President Barack Obama for his likely veto. It seems the Canadian-based company would like to build another

Bette Grande: On Revenues, North Dakota Has More Questions Than Answers

The ND Legislature released a revised revenue forecast last week.  Expected revenues continue to be strong but the days of increasing money appear to be over, for now.  Forecasting revenue 2½ years into the future is always a challenge, but in our current environment we simply do not know how current oil prices will affect

It's Time For North Dakota's Oil Tax Reformers To Say "I Told You So"

Earlier today North Dakota lawmakers announced a revenue projection that is much more pessimistic than the one Governor Jack Dalrymple used for his budget address in December. It’s being widely reported that the projection would reduce state revenues by more than $4 billion, but there aren’t a lot of details about where that hammer is

Lawmakers See Falling Oil Prices Costing The State $4 Billion

Many observers, including this one, felt Governor Jack Dalrymple was being entirely too optimistic when he released his executive budget. “We expect revenues to continue to exceed on-going expenditures,” he said during his budget address back in December, but then proposed what he described as “ambitious” spending increases. His executive budget increases on-going state spending

North Dakota General Fund Revenues Still Strong In December, Breaks $4 Billion

The latest revenue report from the Office of Management and Budget is out for December, and it shows continued strong growth for General Fund revenues in the state. There is much concern about falling oil prices impacting state revenues, but in December at least there was no impact. Biennium to date the state’s revenues are

North Dakota Unemployment Rate Up Slightly, State Gained 15,000 Workers In Last Year

“North Dakota 2.7% Unemployment Will Soar,” was a recent headline from 24/7 Wall Street. “No state has a lower unemployment rate than North Dakota, where it is 2.7%,” the website reported recently. “No state is at a greater risk to have its unemployment rate soar. Low oil prices get the blame.” [mks_pullquote align=”right” width=”300″ size=”24″ bg_color=”#000000″ txt_color=”#ffffff”]”…in December of