I’ve got to admit that I’ve given up watching cable news, but this segment from Sean Hannity’s show in which the statement “most Republicans are fat asses” is used was just too wild to ignore.

My favorite part is the cigarette getting lit up on-air, but the argument in favor of nanny state laws because some citizens are “fat asses” was interesting. It’s as though we citizens don’t have a right to choose when it comes to our personal lifestyles.

Which is an amazing argument for anyone on the left to make given their positions on issues like gay marriage and abortion. According to the political left, the government shouldn’t define marriage for an individual or stop a woman from choosing an abortion, but the government can and should regulate what size soda I can buy?

Are Republicans fat asses? Maybe we are (I’m sort of a fat ass, so I guess the tag fits). But the real question is, what business is that of the government’s?

Our friends on the left will argue that individual health choices impact over all health care/health insurance costs. And they’re right, but they’re also the ones who put us in this position with their push to collectivize health insurance and health care.

Which lays bare the risk of collectivizing health care. Once we’re all responsible for one another’s health, suddenly our individual lifestyle choices are subject to public policy.