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From The Left: Welcome To North Dakota Sean Hannity

From The Left: Welcome To North Dakota Sean Hannity

Fox News TV Host and syndicated radio show host Sean Hannity will be visiting North Dakota today to headline the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck and will also reportedly tour the Bakken for his radio show. I thought it would be fun to write an open letter to Mr. Hannity on this occasion. Dear

Sean Hannity To Visit North Dakota Oil Patch

Just got a press release from the North Dakota Petroleum Council announcing that Sean Hannity of Fox News and talk radio fame will be visiting western North Dakota. He’ll be coming to the annual Williston Basin Petroleum Conference, and he will be broadcasting his radio and television shows from there. Tickets are available for $25

"Most Republicans Are Fat Asses"

I’ve got to admit that I’ve given up watching cable news, but this segment from Sean Hannity’s show in which the statement “most Republicans are fat asses” is used was just too wild to ignore. My favorite part is the cigarette getting lit up on-air, but the argument in favor of nanny state laws because