Maria Hennen: Wayne Stenehjem Is The Only Candidate With A Pro-Life Record


ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem announces his candidacy for governor as his wife, Beth, looks on at the Archives Coffee House on the UND campus in Grand Forks Tuesday. photo by Eric Hylden/Grand Forks Herald

All conservative Republicans who value life should be concerned with the current state of our party’s candidates for governor. Defending the unborn has been a bedrock issue for most of us in the Republican Party. Yet, two of the three people running for our state’s top spot are clearly not reliable when it comes to this most important issue.

Dr. Rick Becker, a state representative from District 7, says he has embraced a Pro-Life philosophy, but just last year, he voted against all four abortion bills the came before the North Dakota Legislature. Maybe he had a change of heart, but there is no proof.

Doug Burgum is no better. When asked about his stance on abortion, he has repeatedly sidestepped the issue and refused to give a straight answer. One can only interpret his reaction as being in favor of abortion rights.

Only Wayne Stenehjem is dependable on the issue of Life. Oh, I know people like to portray Wayne as squishy on the issue of abortion, but to find the truth, look at his record. Wayne had a 100% Pro-Life voting record when he was a legislator. And as Attorney General, he has vigorously defended every legal challenge made against Pro-Life legislation passed in North Dakota.

Life matters to me and that is why I am supporting Wayne Stenehjem for Governor.