Janne Myrdal: Heidi Heitkamp Should Vote Down Funding For Planned Parenthood


Later today, the US Senate will vote on a bill to defund the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, whose revenue is supported annually by over half a million dollars of taxpayers funding. As you likely all know, ND Senator Heitkamp has refused to distance herself from this eugenics founded group, and remains silent in the face of the evil now so clearly exposed by recent videos of the practices of PP and their “medical staff”. Some videos so horrific that one cannot hardly watch as the PP staff celebrate the baby parts they are locating as they sort through the dead baby’s crushed body, still twitching.

North Dakota at this time does not have a Planned Parenthood clinic open in our state, but we do have an active wing of PP, active lobbying and policy making within our state, with people like Rep Kathy Hawken ( R- Fargo) as their minions. Rep. Hawken, as reported here on SAB, left the recent Legislative Session to receive an award from PP. I have repeatedly asked for her to return this bloodstained award and for both her and Heitkamp to denounce their support for PP, Neither have made any comments, but are rather hiding until this “ unfortunate storm” passes, – but I guarantee them it will not.

In light of Heitkamp’ s commitment to continue to support PP and their practices of selling body parts from aborted babies, please note that under ND law this would be a felony.
ND Century code (Sections 2-5 are the most relevant.):

14-02.2-02. Experimentation on dead fetus – Use of fetal organs or tissue for transplantation or experimentation – Sale of fetus or fetal organs or tissue – Penalty.

1. An experimentation may not knowingly be performed upon a dead fetus resulting from an occurrence other than an induced abortion unless the consent of the mother has first been obtained; provided, however, that the consent is not required in the case of a routine pathological study. In any criminal proceeding, consent is conclusively presumed to have been granted for the purposes of this section by a written statement, signed by the mother who is at least eighteen years of age, to the effect that she consents to the use of her fetus for scientific, laboratory, research, or other kind of experimentation or study. Such written consent constitutes lawful authorization for the transfer of the dead fetus.

2. A person may not use a fetus or fetal organs or tissue resulting from an induced abortion in animal or human research, experimentation, or study, or for animal or human transplantation except for diagnostic or remedial procedures, the purpose of which is to determine the life or health of the fetus or to preserve the life or health of the fetus or mother, or pathological study.

3. A person may not perform or offer to perform an abortion where part or all of the consideration for the abortion is that the fetal organs or tissue may be used for animal or human transplantation, experimentation, or research or study.

4. A person may not knowingly sell, transfer, distribute, give away, accept, use, or attempt to use any fetus or fetal organs or tissue for a use that is in violation of this section. For purposes of this section, the word “fetus” includes also an embryo or neonate.

5. Violation of this section by any person is a class C felony.

I understand that as of today, these practices may not be happening in North Dakota, and I say may, as we cannot fully know, BUT who is to say they will not in the future, and even if they are not, Sen. Heitkamp is elected to represent North Dakota, NOT your campaign donor Planned Parenthood! So, my question to her (and to Rep Kathy Hawken the so called Republican out of Fargo): “Who do you represent?”

It should be noted that the bill to defund tonight DOES NOT take away the funding from women’s health, which is Heitkamp’s mantra. Funds no longer available to Planned Parenthood will continue to be offered to other eligible entities to provide such women’s health care services.

Sen. Heitkamp, – do the right thing, vote to defund Planned Parenthood and represent North Dakota! If you do not, history will record your support not only for a ND felony, but that you were to politically blind and ambitious to be brave enough to defend the “least of these” in your life time and instead you chose to “sing a little louder” as to not hear the cries of those going to slaughter.