Poll: North Dakota's Jack Dalrymple Is The 4th Most Popular Governor In America

jack dalrymple approval

According to a new poll, Jack Dalrymple is a popular guy in North Dakota.

“A comprehensive survey of more than 75,000 voters in all 50 states, conducted over several months by Morning Consult, shows 34 of the nation’s governors have approval ratings of 50 percent or higher, and 16 governors have approval ratings over 60 percent,” Morning Consult reports.

What does that mean for North Dakota? Well, Governor Jack Dalrymple came in 4th place when the various governors are ranked by their approval number. According to the survey, just 15 percent of North Dakotans disapprove of him.

I give Dalrymple 4th place because he’s tied in the approval column with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval but has a lower disapprove number.


That’s unsurprising news, really. Even amid anxiety over low commodity prices in this state’s commodity-based economy, I think there’s a sense among most North Dakotans that things are pretty good and that the future is bright.

That might change, of course, if the state’s revenue picture continues to worsen (latest numbers here) and state leaders are forced to start cutting spending and/or raise taxes. But for now, at least, it seems that citizens are satisfied.

To the chagrin of Democrats, no doubt, given that historically their electoral success tends to come when the state’s economy goes sour. Which is no doubt why potential Democrat gubernatorial candidate Sarah Vogel is waiting to see what the state’s economy does before she announces her 2016 intentions. If things don’t go bad, her chances of success diminish significantly.