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One of North Dakota’s Biggest Proponents of the Corporate Farming Ban May Have Inadvertently Triggered Its Demise

One of North Dakota’s Biggest Proponents of the Corporate Farming Ban May Have Inadvertently Triggered Its Demise

Back in 2016, as political extremists demonstrated violently against the Dakota Access Pipeline the owner of the historic Cannonball Ranch – through which the pipeline was constructed – found himself fed up with the situation and sold the land to the company building the pipeline. He continues to ranch there, but the pipeline company now

Objections to Cannonball Ranch Sale Are Why North Dakota’s Corporate Farming Ban Needs to Be Scrapped

Last week rancher David Meyer, apparently fed up with protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline on his land, sold some 6,000 acres of the historic Cannonball Ranch to the pipeline company. “It’s a beautiful ranch, but I just wanted out,” he told the folks at KXNews. In response former Agriculture Commissioner Sarah Vogel said the

Health Department Should Hold Meeting on Radioactive Waste Rules

Changes to state rules over the disposal of radioactive waste made by the State Health Department were both prudent and needed. The changes were modest. We’re talking about mildly radioactive materials being disposed of under new rules that are still some of the tightest in the nation. But activist groups are engaging in a ridiculous campaign

What Willie Nelson Gets Wrong On Measure 1: The Corporate Farming Ban Isn't Protecting Anything

“Each year in nearly every part of the country, swaths of farmland are turned over as yet another family farm is pushed out by tightening profit margins, rigged markets and the ever-constricting power of a few corporations,” reads the opening sentence of an op/ed written by musician Willie Nelson and former Democratic Agriculture Commissioner Sarah

Accusations Aimed At North Dakota Oil Regulators Have The Stink Of Partisan Politics

Here’s some advice for this alleged whistle blower at the Department of Mineral Resources who is making accusations about destroyed records pertaining to oil transportation. You may want to consider who you’re working with. Because given the cast of characters involved so far, this is starting to look like yet another election year political stunt from

Gov Race: Stenehjem Rakes It In With $239,000 In Contributions, Burgum Doesn't Have To Report

Yesterday was the last day for statewide political campaigns to report their year-end fundraising for 2015, and there was three very different stories for the three Republican gubernatorial campaigns. Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem raked in $239,000 in contributions. State Rep. Rick Becker, on the other hand, reported only $31,120 in contributions. Which is actually roughly

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"The ideo­lo­gic­al di­vide in North Dakota is with­in the Re­pub­lic­an Party"

Karyn Bruggeman interviewed me for her profile of the North Dakota gubernatorial race in the National Journal today, and I come off sounding almost prescient given that Democrats lost their candidate in Sarah Vogel last night just as this article was published. “It is sort of in­ter­est­ing when you’re look­ing at the three can­did­ates, the ideo­lo­gic­al

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Burgum To Announce His Campaign Intentions Next Week

Will Fargo businessman Doug Burgum run for governor or not? Seems like we’ll find out next week. He just sent out this press release: Burgum has been polling, according to a report from a SAB reader who got one of the calls, measuring his potential candidacy against the other Republican candidates in the race as

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Doug Burgum Appears To Be Polling Ahead Of Gubernatorial Race Announcement

Earlier this week I wrote that Doug Burgum is the known unknown of the 2016 election cycle. He’s made it clear that he’s very interested in running for governor, and that if he did run it would be as a Republican. He’s also said that he’d announce a decision in January. When I contacted his