Interview: Rep. Kevin Cramer Talks Drone Privacy And Airport Security


Earlier today I wrote about comments from Rep. Kevin Cramer which were dismissive of concerns over a drone privacy bill being considered by North Dakota’s legislature. The legislation, introduced by state Rep. Rick Becker, would require that law enforcement obtain a warrant before using a drone as a part of a criminal investigations with specific exemptions for drone research at the universities and exigent circumstances such as natural disasters and fleeing criminals.

Rep. Cramer spoke with me this morning about the importance of privacy, and said that he doesn’t find any problems with Rep. Becker’s bill:

I also spoke with Rep. Cramer about a press release his office sent out yesterday, along with Senators John Hoeven and Heidi Heitkamp, asking the TSA for answers on their decision to remove body scanners from North Dakota airports. I pointed out to Rep. Cramer that many consider those body scanners to be an affront to privacy as well.

He agreed, and said the press release was more about the expense the TSA caused the state’s airports by requiring the installation of the scanners.