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Another Proud Moment For Liberty In America

Another Proud Moment For Liberty In America

Here’s Verne Troyer, an actor famous for his Mini-Me role in the Austin Powers movies among others, suffering the indignity of a TSA pat down. Another day another flight. #TSAstruggles pic.twitter.com/tXgePibDsc — Verne Troyer (@VerneTroyer) June 15, 2014 Of course, we’re all aware the TSA is doing this. We’ve all heard the jokes. Most of

Sequester Furloughs Haven't Happened Yet, But Democrats Already Blaming Airport Delays On Cuts

This sort of thing makes me wonder how we ever managed to get by a few years ago when the national debt was like $6.5 trillion smaller. National Review’s Jim Geraghty posts this picture sent in by a reader taken at the Miami airport: As Geraghty notes, already delays are being blamed on the sequester

Interview: Rep. Kevin Cramer Talks Drone Privacy And Airport Security

Earlier today I wrote about comments from Rep. Kevin Cramer which were dismissive of concerns over a drone privacy bill being considered by North Dakota’s legislature. The legislation, introduced by state Rep. Rick Becker, would require that law enforcement obtain a warrant before using a drone as a part of a criminal investigations with specific