Hundreds Attend Pro-Life Rally At Capitol Today


The pro-life folks organized an appreciation day for pro-life legislators at the state capitol today. Hundreds were in attendance:


The pro-abortion side of this issue is really, really good at organizing. So much so that despite all four controversial pro-life bills passing the legislature with wide, bi-partisan majorities they were able to create the perception that the legislation was some how fringe or radical.

But North Dakota is very much a pro-life state (which is no doubt why the pro-abortion folks don’t want to refer the bills to the ballot) but that pro-life majority isn’t as good as organizing rallies and social media campaigns.

So it’s nice to see them get together and send a message. That’s a big crowd for a blustery, 33 degree day in a city still digging out from a record-setting blizzard.

I was told that the pro-abortion side was organizing a counter-rally, but as far as I know that didn’t happen.