Hoeven On Heitkamp Wanting Credit For Keystone: "I'm Not Going To Get Into That"


Back before the Keystone XL vote Senator Heidi Heitkamp took to twitter to scold Republicans for trying to take credit for getting a vote on the pipeline:

That’s a pretty sanctimonious statement given that the only reason Keystone got a vote in the lame duck session was Republicans winning control of the Senate in the next Congress, and a cynically calculated bid to keep one more Republican from winning a run-off in Louisiana.

Last night Chris Berg asked Senator John Hoeven about Heitkamp’s tweet. Hoeven said he wasn’t “going to get into that,” but it’s pretty clear he wanted to say something else (start the video at about 9:53).

“She can talk about that if she wants,” Hoeven said. “I’m not going to get into that.

That’s a pretty magnanimous position on Hoeven’s part. Yet the fact remains, were it not for Barack Obama (who Heitkamp voted for) and Harry Reid (who Heitkamp voted to keep as majority leader in the current Congress) the Keystone pipeline would have been built a while ago and would already be taking millions of barrels of oil off our crowded rails every year.