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Elizabeth Warren’s Attack on the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Why So Many Republicans Tolerate Donald Trump

Elizabeth Warren’s Attack on the Dakota Access Pipeline Is Why So Many Republicans Tolerate Donald Trump

Why do so many Republicans support someone like Donald Trump? I get asked that question a lot, most recently by a couple of reporters who work here in North Dakota. They don’t understand why someone like President Donald Trump – a serial philanderer with only a rhetorical adherence to the mores of social conservative, an

Video: North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer Got a Little Excited When President Trump Mentioned the Dakota Access Pipeline

President Donald Trump seems to have turned a lot of heads last night with his address to a joint session of Congress. This morning people both on the right and the left are congratulating him. There wasn’t much specific to North Dakota in his speech last night, other than a brief mention of the Dakota

Heitkamp: Trump’s “America First” Protectionism May Hamper Pipeline Projects

President Donald Trump made a lot of news yesterday when he issued executive orders intended to further the construction/completion of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipeline projects. Both of these projects are very important to North Dakota, and each faced political delays from the Obama administration. Now that political obstruction has largely been ended

President Trump Expected to Announce Exec. Orders Regarding DAPL, Keystone Pipelines This Morning

A reliable source tells me the Trump administration will be making an announcement regarding two pipeline projects important to North Dakota later this morning. The long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline, which languished for years due to regulatory delays implemented by the Obama administration, is one of the projects. The Dakota Access Pipeline, which has drawn lengthy

Hoeven On Heitkamp Wanting Credit For Keystone: "I'm Not Going To Get Into That"

Back before the Keystone XL vote Senator Heidi Heitkamp took to twitter to scold Republicans for trying to take credit for getting a vote on the pipeline: Now is time to work together. Disappointed some Sen on other side are trying 2 take credit for #KXL vote. All sides deserve equal credit. — Sen. Heidi

We Can't Talk About Delayed Grain Shipments Without Talking About Delayed Pipelines

Yesterday the New York Times published a story about delayed grain shipments in North Dakota. “The furious pace of energy exploration in North Dakota is creating a crisis for farmers whose grain shipments have been held up by a vast new movement of oil by rail, leading to millions of dollars in agricultural losses and slower

North Dakota Democrats Have A Keystone Problem

Last week came news of yet another delay in the Obama administration’s interminable regulatory dithering on the Keystone XL pipeline project. This latest punt will, conveniently, take the decision date for the pipeline beyond the 2014 midterm elections. Republicans were quick to point to the news as yet more evidence of President Obama abusing his

Sen John Hoeven: Unleash The Energy Industry To Help Address Unemployment Problem (Video)

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven announced today legislation that would approve the Keystone XL pipeline and also allow the export of natural gas. Currently, with a few exceptions, it is illegal to export unrefined oil and natural gas. With American markets inundated with natural gas, producers want more access to international markets. Specifically, Senator Hoeven’s

Obama To Make Keystone Pipeline Decision In "A Couple Of Months"

If this report out of a closed-door meeting between Governors and President Obama is any indication, we may finally be getting a decision on the Keystone pipeline this spring. I had expected Obama to delay a decision until after the midterms, and to use the legal setback in Nebraska as cover, but after years of