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Reservation Death Blamed On Propane Shortage, North Dakota Democrats Blame Republicans

Reservation Death Blamed On Propane Shortage, North Dakota Democrats Blame Republicans

In a heartbreaking story from the Standing Rock Indian Reservation, a woman was found frozen to death in her trailer home that was heated by propane. Her tanks were empty, and according to the Associated Press “officials” are blaming it on the propane shortage: FORT YATES, N.D. — Authorities are tying the death of a

Propane Shortage Is A Side Effect Of Obstructing Energy Infrastructure Like Keystone Pipeline

Last night during his State of the Union address, President Obama made no mention of the Keystone pipeline project which his administration continues to obstruct. That’s creating serious problems across the upper midwest as oil production creates a crunch on existing infrastructure. Consider these recent news articles: Propane crisis becomes hot topic State Rep. Pat

We Can Blame Cramer For The Farm Bill, But Not Heitkamp For Keystone?

Yesterday I was pretty critical of how Rep. Kevin Cramer was handling the farm bill. Instead of standing on principle and talking about the legions of problems with that bill – not the least of which is the fact that controversial food stamps spending comprises roughly 80% of the appropriations in it – he chose

Houses Passes Legislation Approving Keystone Pipeline

On a 222-175 vote, the US House today passed legislation approving the Keystone pipeline. The US state department had previous requested yet another environmental review, delaying the pipeline for at least another year. The House legislation would approve the pipeline, going around the obstructionist executive branch entirely. “The environmental safeguards we demanded on the Keystone

The Keystone Pipeline Would Save Lives In North Dakota

Traffic is up in North Dakota, and more people/vehicles on the roads means more fatalities. A big chunk of the traffic increase in the state stems from trucks transporting oil. There’s not enough pipeline or rail capacity to take all the oil produced out of the state. But if the Keystone XL pipeline were built,

Apparently Nobody Has Told Barack Obama About The North Dakota Oil Boom

According to President Obama, the only people who really stand to gain from building the Keystone XL pipeline are Canadians: President Obama told a group of House Republicans at a closed-door meeting on Wednesday that the long-delayed Keystone XL pipeline won’t profit anyone but Canada. Rep. Lee Terry, R-Neb., told the Associated Press that Obama

Hoeven Delivers GOP's Weekly Address On Keystone Pipeline, Sequester Cuts

North Dakota Senator John Hoeven delivered the GOP’s weekly address this week, talking about the sequester cuts and President Obama’s continued stalling on the Keystone XL pipeline: The transcript is below. Senator John Hoeven's Weekly Address Remarks by Rob Port

Now That He's Out Of Excuses, Will Obama Approve The Keystone XL Pipeline?

The State Department is winding up yet another review of the Keystone XL pipeline issue, and isn’t likely to produce anything all that different from previous reviews, and now the State of Nebraska has approved the route the pipeline will take through their state. It seems President Obama is running out of excuses to sandbag