Guest Post: Republican Women Support Measure 1


A few Republican women outside the mainstream recently wrote a letter intended to confuse people into thinking many Republicans oppose Measure 1. They don’t. The overwhelming percentage of Republican women support Measure 1, just as the overwhelming majority of Republican legislators voted to put Measure 1 on the ballot, and just as the Republican Party nearly unanimously endorsed Measure 1 at the NDGOP State Convention.

The abortion lobby bankrolling opposition to Measure 1 uses deception and fakery. This is their playbook and they are sticking to it. A few weeks ago they found some liberal pastors to oppose the measure and acted like these pastors represented the mainstream when, in fact, they represent the fringe. The overwhelming majority of churches and pastors support Measure 1. They’ve also found a small handful of people to falsely claim Measure 1 will damage end-of-life care and IVF treatment, when experts say nothing of the sort will happen.

Measure 1 is about preserving our state laws that provide common sense protections for women:

  • the right of a parent to be notified if a minor daughter seeks an abortion,
  • the right of women to have informed consent and access to an ultrasound, and
  • protecting women’s health by ensuring that only licensed physicians with hospital admitting privileges perform abortions.

All these laws are at risk if Measure 1 fails because abortion advocates secured a court ruling last year inventing a virtually unlimited right to abortion in our state constitution. True to the script of fakery, the opponents of Measure 1, funded by abortion money, don’t say a word about abortion.

We are mainstream Republican women who join with Democrats and Independents to say North Dakota’s laws ought to be decided by elected officials, not judges acting on behalf of out-of-state abortion groups.


Doris Bromenschenkel

Sen. Margaret Sitte

Rep. Bette Grande

Rep. Brenda Heller

Rep. Karen Rohr

Rep. Diane Larson

Rep. Lisa Meier

Susan Weiand

Deone Emineth

Allison Grotberg

Melissa Paulik

Brandy Pyle

Marlo Nelson

Gretchen Hoffman

Pam Younggren

Lydia Trandem

Sharon Carlson

Donna Henderson

Bridget Ertelt

Tammy Owens

Mary Dietrich

Donita Birkeland