Democrats To Announce George Sinner As Their House Candidate


MIXED FEELINGS: Nearly a month after saying he'd make an announcement about running for House, state Senator George Sinner is still feeling "mixed"

It appears as though Democrats will finally get a US House candidate today, or perhaps later this week. The announce will come less than two weeks before their statewide convention and months later than Democrat Pam Gulleson announced her House campaign in the 2012 cycle.

After breaking several of his own, self-set deadlines for an announcement, it appears as though state Senator George Sinner is in the race. He was just elected to the state legislature in 2012, and served in his first session last year. He represents District 46.

So what does this race look like? We do have some polling.

In polling conducted from March 5-9th, with a random digit dialing sample of 400 complete interviews and a margin of error of 5 percent, Cramer lead Sinner by 20 points with Libertarian Jack Seaman taking up less than 5 percent of the votes. Sinner performed significantly better than the Democrats’ other possible candidate, USDA Rural Development Director Jasper Schneider, who was shown trailing Cramer by roughly 30 points.

Kevin Cramer: 50.25%

George Sinner: 30.50%

Jack Seaman: 3.5%

Undecided: 15%

Refused to answer: 0.75%

The polling was conducted for the Brighter Future Alliance, which was described to me as “a 501c4 non-profit committed to promoting the free enterprise system and pro energy development public policy.” So, these poll numbers are from a conservative group that works to elect right-leaning politicians. Take them with a grain of salt.

Also, for what it’s worth, according to our SAB legislative rankings, Sinner was the 10th most liberal member of the North Dakota Senate last year.