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Audio: Democratic House Candidate Iron Eyes a Lot of #NoDAPL Protest “Is From Outsiders”

Audio: Democratic House Candidate Iron Eyes a Lot of #NoDAPL Protest “Is From Outsiders”

I had Democratic U.S. House candidate Chase Iron Eyes on my radio show yesterday. The full audio of our interview is below. I like Iron Eyes. A lot. I think he’s mostly wrong on the issues, and I don’t think he’s ready to serve in Congress, but he’s at least willing to engage his critics.

North Dakota’s Democrats Not Supporting Their Native American Candidates With Campaign Cash

Back in April the North Dakota Democratic Party was making a big deal about the Native American candidates they’d nominated for races on the statewide ballot. Among them Chase Iron Eyes for the U.S. House, Ruth Buffalo for Insurance Commissioner, and Marlo Hunte-Beaubrun for the Public Service Commission. “[W]e stand in solidarity with our tribes

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Marvin Nelson Wants You to Fix His Cadillac

In North Dakota there is no law prohibiting the use of campaign dollars for personal things. Under our state law if you give a politician running for state office money they can spend it on whatever they want, be it personal or campaign related. It became an issue during the 2015 legislative session. State Rep. Ben

Native American Candidates Get Little Financial Support From North Dakota Democrats

Last month the Democratic and Republican candidates for the U.S. House filed their pre-primary fundraising reports, and we learned that Democratic challenger Chase Iron Eyes was way behind Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer in terms of dollars raised. On Friday both candidates filed their July quarterly fundraising reports, and it’s clear that Iron Eyes simply isn’t

Sinner Beats Cramer In Last Fundraising Period, Incumbent Has Raised More Overall

North Dakota’s U.S. House candidates have filed their final campaign finance disclosure forms for the cycle. You can read Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer’s report here, and Democrat challenger George Sinner’s report here. The spin from Democrats, who are desperate for a talking point to knock those ugly poll numbers out of the headlines, will be that Sinner has out-raised

George Sinner Beat Cramer In Fundraising Last Month, But He Had To Go Out Of State To Do It

George Sinner, the candidate picked by North Dakota Democrats to challenge incumbent Republican Kevin Cramer in the US House race, put up a pretty miserable fundraising report last month. He ended the reporting period with less than $40,000 in the bank, not exactly numbers that will inspire national Democrats to think that the North Dakota

Why George Sinner's Anemic Fundraising Report Was Devastating For His Campaign

Earlier this week we got some fundraising data for the US House race here in North Dakota between Republican incumbent Kevin Cramer and Demcorat challenger George Sinner. The numbers were awful for Sinner. After months of delays, breaking is own deadlines to announce a campaign, Sinner is now sitting with less than $40,000 in his

Wow: Six Months From Election Day Democrat House Candidate George Sinner Has Less Than $40k In Campaign Cash

Update: “We’re not concerned about Sen. Sinner being able to make up that gap,” says Democrat party executive director Chad Oban, which is one of the funniest things you’ll read all day. Despite all of the attention it gets, money isn’t everything in politics. Candidates that raise less money than their opponents win all the time.

Kevin Cramer Ends First Quarter With Over Half A Million In His Campaign Coffers

Incumbent Republican Rep. Kevin Cramer ended 2013 with almost $300,000 in cash on hand and no announced challenger from Democrats. Now in April Cramer finally has a Democrat opponent – state Senator George Sinner – and he just filed his fundraising report for the first quarter of 2014 showing he has over $500,000 in the

Democrats To Announce George Sinner As Their House Candidate

It appears as though Democrats will finally get a US House candidate today, or perhaps later this week. The announce will come less than two weeks before their statewide convention and months later than Democrat Pam Gulleson announced her House campaign in the 2012 cycle. After breaking several of his own, self-set deadlines for an