Steve Strege: Fargo Forum Inconsistent In Criticism Of Measure Campaigns

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Why does the Fargo Forum condemn the funding of one measure campaign, but stays silent on similar actions of another?  Could its strong bias against Measure 1 be showing?

On October 27 The Forum criticized opponents of Measure 5 for taking more than $1 million from the out-of-state American Petroleum Institute.  But it offers no such criticism about opponents of Measure 1 taking a similar amount from out-of-state Planned Parenthood affiliates, including $530,000 from California alone?

The well-heeled opponent committee of #1 is called “North Dakotans Against Measure 1” (NDAM1).  But less than 10% of its money comes from North Dakotans.  Another opposition group is “North Dakota Students Voting No on 1”.  Every penny of their contributions came from the Feminist Majority Foundation in Arlington, VA.  Where are the North Dakota Students?   The Forum has been known to call out hypocrisy.  But it has not commented on the major source of funding for these groups and the disconnect with North Dakota roots.

On the other hand, North Dakota Choose Life is the primary PROponent of Measure 1.  Its ratio is the opposite – less than 10% from out-of-state, more than 90% in-state.  I’ll go with the in-state funds instead of outsiders with their own agenda.

These names and numbers are on the ND Secretary of State website, readily available to all media and citizens who want to see who is really calling the tune.

Another question media should be asking is why the nation’s largest provider of abortions has suddenly become so interested in end-of-life health care directives and the rest of what we’re hearing in opposition ads.  Their business is abortion, ending life in a horrific manner, not caring for it to the end in a dignified manner.

Opponents of Measure 1 have another inconsistent story.   They admit Measure 1 does not ban abortion, but run a TV ad saying it does.  The website shows the cease and desist letter sent to TV stations regarding the ad.  It points out the contradiction and the legal obligation to protect the public from false, misleading or deceptive advertising.  But the ad is still running.

One of NDAM1’s print ads lists four newspapers as urging “a strong no” on 1.  But all those papers are owned by the same company.  So this is one opinion printed four times, not four independent opinions.  Let’s demand the whole truth in advertising.

With all the misinformation being presented, what are we to believe of the rest of the opposition’s campaign?  I hope the truth gets out far enough by Election Day so North Dakotans are not deceived.  I’m voting yes on 1 to protect life and our current life laws.