Doctor Unapologetic For Referring To Pro-Life Measure Supporters As "Taliban"


Opponents of Measure 1, a pro-life amendment to the state constitution, have been quick to try and legitimize their arguments by calling in doctors and legal academics. Because if you hang a lab coat on a political opinion, that makes it above reproach or something.

But one of the doctors the pro-abortion folks have been relying on for credibility has been using social media to make some pretty ugly comments about Measure 1 supporters, referring to them as the “American Taliban.”

Janne Myrdal, one of the organizers in support of Measure 1, wrote about it for SAB yesterday and that post was picked up by the Fargo Forum.

The doctor in question – Kristen Cain – was unapologetic (and sort of incoherent) about using the term:

Cain’s Sept. 30 tweet was called into question Tuesday, including in a guest post on North Dakota political blog by Janne Myrdal, state director for Concerned Women for America of ND. In the post, Myrdal questioned if Cain understood the level of oppression leveled at women and children under the Taliban, as well as its alignment with other terrorist groups.

Sen. Margaret Sitte, R-Bismarck, one of the sponsors of the 2013 legislation that put Measure 1 on the ballot, said she was “shocked” by Cain’s tweet.

“Dr. Cain should realize that the impact of her language could be very detrimental to other people,” she said. “That is so terrible, and it’s so unjustified.”

Cain said the Sept. 30 tweet was “something that I wrote a while ago, and a lot more is going on since then.” She’s concentrating on getting the word out about what Measure 1 would mean for access to IVF treatment in the state, she said.

“People have a right to think whatever they think about anything,” she said. “I was offended by Measure 1. I’m offended by people deciding that girls can’t wear comfortable clothes to school. So, everybody has a right to take anything in any context they wish.”

Well, sure, people can say pretty much whatever they want. Including ridiculous hyperbole.

Clearly people who support Measure 1 – including the bipartisan legislative majority which put it on the ballot – are not like the Taliban with its propensity to treat women like property and behead religious dissenters. People who think otherwise should have to go and live with the actual Taliban.

But the larger point here is that Measure 1 opponents have been flooding the zone with some pretty ridiculous claims – everything from Measure 1 outlawing IVF to making miscarriages a crime – and maybe it’s time to start questioning the credibility of those making the claims.

Even if they’re an academic or a doctor. Because having a medical degree doesn’t automatically make you right about everything.