Democrat Legislator Says Kevin Cramer Makes Her Want To Take A Shower


Rep. Gail Mooney is a Democrat representing District 20 (near Grand Forks) in the North Dakota legislature. She is currently in her first term in office, having been elected in 2012.

This morning she had a run-in with Rep. Kevin Cramer, the Republican incumbent facing off against Democrat George Sinner and Libertarian Jack Seaman in the November election, and according to her Facebook page the incident made her feel like taking a shower.

She also accused Cramer of “flirting” with the barista.

This screenshot of her post was sent in by a Grand Forks-area reader:

It’s October, and that means it is the campaign silly season. Tempers run hot as candidates and activists make their cases. But even so, you’d think someone elected to public office would avoid such childish antics in a public venue.

But there’s a lot of hate out there. Which is unfortunate.