Democrats Rip Rick Becker Over Ron Paul Announcement

rick becker

For some reason North Dakota Democrats are really, really upset about gubernatorial candidate Rep. Rick Becker getting an endorsement from erstwhile presidential candidate Ron Paul.

Check out (below) the email blast they just sent out ripping Becker for announcing the news, attributing all sorts of nasty comments to Ron Paul.

May favorite part was this caveat the Democrats slipped in at the bottom of their email in fine print: “Editorial Note: While all of these quotes appear in the Libertarian newspaper Ron Paul used to publish, under Ron Paul’s name, he *somehow claims* he didn’t write any of them.”

Did Ron Paul really write those things? I don’t know. I am tired of litigating crazy stuff Ron Paul may or may not have said.

I’m not sure why Democrats care about this so much. As a commenter put it on the post from this morning, echoing my sentiments, “This is a really meaningful endorsement for all the folks who were going to vote for him anyway.”

Jared Hendrix, Becker’s campaign manager, did defend the endorsement by pointing out that it may help Becker get delegates to the state convention:


Fair enough.

It still seems like overkill for the Democrats, but maybe they’re just feeling left out right now. All of the excitement in the state seems to be around the Republican candidates for governor. Unless Doug Burgum wriggles out of his promises to seek the Republican nomination for governor, it seems that race is going to be decided by the Republican primary, with the general election just being a pro forma steam rolling of likely Democrat candidate Sarah Vogel by whoever the Republican nominee is.

Here’s their email blast for your amusement: