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Democrats Rip Rick Becker Over Ron Paul Announcement

Democrats Rip Rick Becker Over Ron Paul Announcement

For some reason North Dakota Democrats are really, really upset about gubernatorial candidate Rep. Rick Becker getting an endorsement from erstwhile presidential candidate Ron Paul. Check out (below) the email blast they just sent out ripping Becker for announcing the news, attributing all sorts of nasty comments to Ron Paul. May favorite part was this

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Former Presidential Candidate Ron Paul Endorses Rick Becker For Governor

It was good timing for state Rep. Rick Becker to get some headline-worthy news for his campaign. Yesterday Fargo businessman Doug Burgum made a splash by announcing his own campaign for governor, with Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem clearly in his cross hairs. And suddenly Becker’s campaign seemed to be almost crowded out of the picture.

Could Rule 40 For GOP Into Brokered Convention In 2016?

A brokered political convention, one where there is no clear nominee heading into a political party’s national convention, is something political wonks like to talk about but which hasn’t been a reality for decades (Adlai Stevenson’s nomination by Democrats in 1952 was the last truly brokered convention). But North Dakota Republican National Committeeman Curly Haugland