Democrats: North Dakota Women Are In "Emergent Danger" For "Simply Being Women"


The North Dakota Democrat party picked new leadership recently, and adopted an official resolution calling Republican leadership of the state a failure (you’re probably about as shocked as I am).

But the text of the resolution is interesting. In addition for claiming that Republicans hate little children and gays, it also states that women are in danger in North Dakota simply for being women:

Whereas North Dakota Republicans have denied and turned their backs on the emergent danger women face by simply being women in this state

Really? Women are in “emergent danger” in North Dakota simply for being women? I’ll have to alert my wife, and my other female friends and family, to that fact.

I wonder how many North Dakota women actually feel like they’re in danger in the state? I don’t doubt for a minute that Democrats want North Dakota women to feel like they’re in danger. The tone of this entire resolution is all about pandering to various victim classes, both real and perceived, but it seems more than a little insulting to the state as a whole to suggest that women are in danger here.

And it’s troubling to see a political party bent on making people feel like victims in order to exploit them for votes.

The “war on women” stuff has been an effective strategy for Democrats, though. In the closing days of Senator Heidi Heitkamp’s campaign she unleashed what has to be one of the nastiest political ads ever run in the state, claiming her opponent Rick Berg was insufficiently caring about women’s issues. More recently Heitkamp, described as being “at the helm of our Party” by new party Chairman Bob Valeu, has been on a tour of the state touting her vote for the (extremely problematic and probably unconstitutional) Violence Against Women Act, a political act no doubt directly aimed at creating a wedge issue against Rep. Kevin Cramer for the 2014 election.

Put simply, Democrats are painting our state in a negative light with an exceedingly broad brush for political gain.

Someone should ask Senator Heitkamp if she agrees with this party resolution and believes that North Dakota women are in danger simply by being in North Dakota. Maybe it will be another opportunity for her to throw her party’s platform under the bus.