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Survey: 44% Of Employers Planning To Cut Health Benefits Thanks To Obamacare

Survey: 44% Of Employers Planning To Cut Health Benefits Thanks To Obamacare

Last year Forbes reported on a study indicating that as many as 43 million Americans would lose their employer-based health insurance because Obamacare provides incentive to push those workers off onto the insurance exchanges or the expanded Medicaid program. Today a survey from Duke University finds that as many as 44% of employers are planning

Former Obama Cabinet Secretary: Fracking Is Safe, Let's Build The Keystone Pipeline

The Obama administration insists, even after years of delays, that the decision to approve the Keystone XL pipeline – desperately needed energy infrastructure for the upper midwest – isn’t political. But it is says former Obama Energy Secretary Steven Chu, who said “the decision on whether the construction should happen was a political one and

Jerry Seinfeld Attacked For Not Caring About Race

Saturday Night Live creator Lorne Michaels recently told an interviewer that Democrats have no sense of humor. The imbroglio over Jerry Seinfeld’s choice of comedians to appear on his (really cool) show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee proves his point, I think. Seinfeld was asked about why his show has mostly white dudes on it. “People think

Let's Build The Keystone Pipeline Already Says…Ed Schultz?

This isn’t as bizarre as you’d think. Unions are very much interested in the jobs the Keystone pipeline project would create (despite President Obama poo-pooing the numbers), and Ed Schultz is very much a union mouthpiece. Still, it’s bizarre to hear a pro-Keystone voice on MSNBC. Schultz’s argument? Pragmatism and safety: Based on safety I

South Dakota SB128 Would Allow Businesses To Discriminate Against Gays

South Dakota SB128 is being considered in that state’s current legislative session, and if passed it would make it explicitly legal for businesses to refuse service to gays. It has 12 sponsors, and is currently sitting in the Senate Judiciary Committee. An excerpt: Section 1. No person or entity may bring suit against another person