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Does More Republicans In The Senate Mean More Approval For Congress?

Does More Republicans In The Senate Mean More Approval For Congress?

The chart above was created by Jeff Dobbs, and it shows an interesting correlation between Congressional approval numbers and the number of Republicans in the Senate. I say correlation, because nothing hear establishes that Republicans in the Senate are necessary the cause of the fluctuations in approval. For one thing, Congress is more than just

Senator: Obamacare Cost Me Cancer Doctor

I’ve said for some time now that when Americans hear people in the government talk about controlling health care costs they ought to get scared. Because the only way the government can do that is by controlling access to care. Case in point, Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn who is retiring from the Senate after being

North Dakota Could Use That Obamacare Apology: Over 35,000 Lost Insurance, Less Than 5,000 Gained It

“For the State of the Union, one of the things President Obama really ought to do is look in the TV camera and say to the over five million Americans all across this country who have had their health insurance cancelled because of Obamacare — to look in the camera and say, ‘I’m sorry,’” Texas

Secret abortion fees hidden in Obamacare premiums

By Tori Richards | Insurance companies working under the Obamacare umbrella have secretly added a surcharge to cover the cost of abortions, an apparent violation of federal law that forbids the practice, congressional leaders charge. Consumers signing up for insurance in an Obamacare exchange won’t find a single sentence telling them that they will

Mike Huckabee And The Soft Misogyny Of Low Expectations

Comments from former Governor and erstwhile presidential candidate Mike Huckabee set the left on fire yesterday. Huckabee suggested that the left believes women “cannot control their libido.” White House spokesman Jay Carney was quick to condemn the comments as “offensive to women.” Because that’s how the left defines anything that challenges liberal orthodoxy on feminine

Democrat Senator: The IRS Should Do Something About Republicans Controlling The House

And the “something” the Senator, Chuck Schumer, wants done is a crack down on all those tea party groups with their ridiculous notions about free speech: Arguing that Tea Party groups have a financial advantage after the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United decision, Schumer said the Obama administration should bypass Congress and institute new campaign

American Health Industry Gets Downgrade To "Negative" Thanks To Obamacare

Obamacare may be making your health insurance more expensive and harder to get, but at least it’s destabilizing the insurance industry. Moody’s Investor Service has changed its outlook for the U.S. health care insurance sector from stable to negative, citing Obamacare’s rollout and the uncertainty it brings. The private credit rating agency said potential fallout from the Affordable Care