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Breaking News: The Pope Is Catholic

Breaking News: The Pope Is Catholic

Ever since making some statements against capitalism that, rightfully I think, angered those of us interested in free markets and individual liberty (after all, free market capitalism has done more to combat poverty than any church ever created by man), the left has held up Pope Francis as a sort of liberal icon. The anti-capitalists

Chart Of The Day: Without Labor Force Shrinkage, Unemployment Rate Wouldn't Be Improving

By now most political observers (if not necessarily American voters in general) are well aware of the problems with the U-3 unemployment rate number. It only measures the number of people who are unemployed who meet the government’s definition of active job seekers. The U-6 unemployment, per the BLS, presents a much more accurate picture:

The Economy Stinks, And Young Workers Are Hit The Hardest

Job growth hit its lowest rate since 2011. The unemployment rate dipped slightly to 6.7%, but only after 342,000 people gave up looking for jobs and left the workforce, driving the labor force participation rate, which measures people actively looking for work, down to  62.8%. That’s a forty year low. “If the participation rate had stayed steady the

If Chris Christie Staffers Shutting Down Traffic Was Wrong, What About Obama's Shutdown Theater?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has found himself in a mess after emails revealed through an open records request indicated that his staffers, and one of his appointees, conspired to manufacture traffic problems for the City of Fort Lee. The mayor of that city had refused to endorse Christie during his re-election campaign. Christie took

How Did Democrats Become The Party Of The Rich?

“If you brought back either of the Roosevelts—Teddy or Franklin—from the grave, the most astonishing thing they would find is that the “malefactors of great wealth” have become the benefactors of today’s liberalism, and Democrats have become the party of the rich,” writes Steven Hayward in Forbes. To be sure, labor unions (along with trial

People Are Selling Guns On Reddit, Liberals Freak Out

Reddit, for the uninitiated, is a hugely popular internet forum for pretty much everything. Memes. Interviews. Porn. You name it. And, according to a breathless expose from left-wing magazine Mother Jones, it turns out there are gun sales happening there. “According to the magazine’s research, the site has hosted at least 159 transactions since last

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Hoeven Jumps On Board With Temporary Extension Of Expanded Unemployment Benefits

Yesterday Senator John Hoeven voted against beginning debate on an renewal of expanded unemployment benefits. But today Senator Hoeven is part of a coalition of Senate Republicans who want a three-month extension of the expanded benefits in exchange for restoring funding for military veterans. A group of Republican senators plans to offer a way to

"Let's figure out how to become the energy superpower in the world."

“Our resource potential in this country is vast, it’s large, it’s unprecedented even more so than any of us would have thought five or six years ago,” American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard said during yesterday’s State of American Energy summit. “So we need to rethink these policies, including the crude export policy. The President