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How Did Democrats Become The Party Of The Rich?

How Did Democrats Become The Party Of The Rich?

“If you brought back either of the Roosevelts—Teddy or Franklin—from the grave, the most astonishing thing they would find is that the “malefactors of great wealth” have become the benefactors of today’s liberalism, and Democrats have become the party of the rich,” writes Steven Hayward in Forbes. To be sure, labor unions (along with trial

People Are Selling Guns On Reddit, Liberals Freak Out

Reddit, for the uninitiated, is a hugely popular internet forum for pretty much everything. Memes. Interviews. Porn. You name it. And, according to a breathless expose from left-wing magazine Mother Jones, it turns out there are gun sales happening there. “According to the magazine’s research, the site has hosted at least 159 transactions since last

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Hoeven Jumps On Board With Temporary Extension Of Expanded Unemployment Benefits

Yesterday Senator John Hoeven voted against beginning debate on an renewal of expanded unemployment benefits. But today Senator Hoeven is part of a coalition of Senate Republicans who want a three-month extension of the expanded benefits in exchange for restoring funding for military veterans. A group of Republican senators plans to offer a way to

"Let's figure out how to become the energy superpower in the world."

“Our resource potential in this country is vast, it’s large, it’s unprecedented even more so than any of us would have thought five or six years ago,” American Petroleum Institute President Jack Gerard said during yesterday’s State of American Energy summit. “So we need to rethink these policies, including the crude export policy. The President

Have Democrats Given Up On Gun Control?

According to some, it kind of seems like Democrats have given up on gun control. Even anti-gun zealot Michael Bloomberg seems to be moderating his position, putting money into Democrat Senate campaigns that feature Senators who were no votes on gun control legislation last year: Mitchell observed that Bloomberg had previously appeared to be “single

Shocker: College Athletes Aren't So Great At Academics

I’ve written recently of the need to get big-time sports out of college. The imbalance in the allocation of resources is one reason. Many institutions – including North Dakota’s two largest universities – prioritize athletics over academics when it comes to spending. At a time when the cost of college is soaring, and students are

Why Does Obama Want To Extend Unemployment, Aren't We Four Years Into An Economic Recovery?

The Senate voted today to proceed to debate of an extension of unemployment benefits which expired in the new year (North Dakota Senator John Hoeven voted no, Senator Heidi Heitkamp voted with her party), and President Obama went on the attack against Republicans who are opposing the extension. “Now, two weeks ago Congress went home