Can Medical Tourism Save America From Obamacare?


Reason has short but fascinating video about the global rise of medical tourism. There may be no greater indictment of the rise of government-managed health care on the global stage than the fact that, along with it, the medical tourism industry has grown exponentially along with it. Government health care is so great that people all over the world are forced to flee their home countries to these enclaves of free-market health care to get the treatments and procedures they need.

And now that the United States is firmly on the path of Obamacare, the medical tourism industry is preparing itself for an influx of American medical tourists:

I have no problem with free trade health care. I’m happy these capitalists are ready to provide services to people who need them. I hate, though, that it’s happening because we’re moving ever further away from free market health care here in America.

It’s worth noting that America has long been a medical tourism destination for Canadians and others. Most of the hospitals located near our northern border do a good trade in catering to Canadians seeking care they can’t get in their own country. But America may not be as effective a relief valve for Canadian health care any more, and Americans will soon be looking for a relief valve of their own.

Do we need any more clear evidence of the fact that Obamacare is going to make things worse?