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U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump gestures after arriving for jury duty at Manhattan Supreme Court in New York August 17, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

“A Sane Person to an Insane Society Must Appear Insane”

With President Barack Obama we had a relentlessly ideological national leader. His every move was calculated to advance the progressive agenda. President Donald Trump, on the other hand, measures his success much differently. He’s not terribly ideological. Rather, he’s focused on getting things done. I’m not exactly breaking new ground with that observation, but it’s

Audio: Congressman Cramer Talks AHCA, Says He Doubts Trump’s Budget Will Hurt Fargo Diversion Project

Senator Heidi Heitkamp is in the media claiming President Donald Trump’s budget, which reduces funding for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, could put funding for the flood diversion project in Fargo in jeopardy. Today during our weekly open phones segment on WDAY AM970 (audio below) Congressman Kevin Cramer told me he doesn’t see it

North Dakota Rep. Kevin Cramer accepts the state GOP endorsement at its convention on Sunday, April 4, 2016, in Fargo. Rick Abbott / The Forum

Podcast: An Internet Sales Tax in North Dakota and Kevin Cramer Town Hall

Below is the audio from today’s radio show. If you want the audio delivered straight to your podcasting app, click here. Jason Flohrs from Americans for Prosperity joined me to talk about SB2298, introduced by Senator Dwight Cook (R-Mandan), which would seek to collect the sales tax from companies which retail goods to customers in

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum appears on the Fox Business channel on Monday, February 27.

Video: Governor Doug Burgum Talks Obamcare and Corporate Tax Cuts on Fox Business

This Fox Business segment featuring Governor Doug Burgum actually broadcast back on Monday, but I just got around to watching it and thought it was pretty interesting. As Republicans in Washington D.C. grapple with how to unravel Obamacare, and replace it with something new, Burgum was asked which parts of the law he’d like to

Marvin Nelson looks on as Doug Burgum makes a point during the gubernatorial debate in Bismarck on Thursday. Nelson is the Democratic-NPL Party candidate for governor, and Burgum is the Republican Party candidate. Photo by Will Kincaid / Bismarck Tribune

Burgum Nails Answer to Medicaid Question

“This isn’t a little deal this is a big deal.” That’s what House Majority Leader Al Carlson said during a 2013 floor debate over the disastrous Obamacare law’s expansion of the state Medicaid program (video here). “This is a door from which you walk that you’re never returning. As long as I’ve been here…we’ve been

Twamley hall at the University of North Dakota. Jesse Trelstad/ Grand Forks Herald

Obamacare Costing Hundreds of UND Graduate Students Their Health Insurance Next Week

“Are you at all aware of what UND has had to do to its grad assistants’ healthcare plans thanks to Obamacare?” a UND student asked me a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t aware, but as it turns out hundreds of graduate students are losing coverage provided by the University of North Dakota, and Obamacare

wayne stenehjem
Gubernatorial candidate Wayne Stenehjem speaks during the Republican district convention Tuesday, Jan. 19, 2016, at PRACS in Fargo.Michael Vosburg / Forum News Service

Wayne Stenehjem’s Obamacare Problem Is That He Didn’t Stand Up For The Rule Of Law

Fargo businessman Doug Burgum has been trying to convince voters that his opponent in the NDGOP’s gubernatorial primary, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, is a big, fat Obamacare lover because he signed an amicus brief siding against a lawsuit, King v. Burwell, aiming to take Obamacare down. “Washington, D.C. meddling in North Dakota is never good.


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