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Video: Governor Doug Burgum Talks Obamcare and Corporate Tax Cuts on Fox Business

Video: Governor Doug Burgum Talks Obamcare and Corporate Tax Cuts on Fox Business

This Fox Business segment featuring Governor Doug Burgum actually broadcast back on Monday, but I just got around to watching it and thought it was pretty interesting. As Republicans in Washington D.C. grapple with how to unravel Obamacare, and replace it with something new, Burgum was asked which parts of the law he’d like to

Burgum Nails Answer to Medicaid Question

“This isn’t a little deal this is a big deal.” That’s what House Majority Leader Al Carlson said during a 2013 floor debate over the disastrous Obamacare law’s expansion of the state Medicaid program (video here). “This is a door from which you walk that you’re never returning. As long as I’ve been here…we’ve been

Obamacare Costing Hundreds of UND Graduate Students Their Health Insurance Next Week

“Are you at all aware of what UND has had to do to its grad assistants’ healthcare plans thanks to Obamacare?” a UND student asked me a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t aware, but as it turns out hundreds of graduate students are losing coverage provided by the University of North Dakota, and Obamacare

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Wayne Stenehjem's Obamacare Problem Is That He Didn't Stand Up For The Rule Of Law

Fargo businessman Doug Burgum has been trying to convince voters that his opponent in the NDGOP’s gubernatorial primary, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, is a big, fat Obamacare lover because he signed an amicus brief siding against a lawsuit, King v. Burwell, aiming to take Obamacare down. “Washington, D.C. meddling in North Dakota is never good.

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Doug Burgum's Talk About Wayne Stenehjem Is Coming Out Of Both Sides Of His Mouth

Over the weekend a bit of a slap fight broke out in the NDGOP’s gubernatorial nomination race as Fargo businessman Doug Burgum used a television ad to accuse his opponent Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem of supporting Obamacare, and Stenehjem responded with an ad of his own suggesting that Burgum is a big fibber. At issue

Video: Stenehjem Campaign Says Burgum Ad Is "Nasty" And "Not True"

This last week the Doug Burgum campaign took at shot at Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem in an ad, accusing him of supporting Obamacare because he signed onto an amicus brief opposing the King vs. Burwell case before the Supreme Court. Today the Stenejem campaign sent me a copy of an ad they’re going to start running on

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Latest Doug Burgum Ad, Which Is Only Kind Of Accurate, Hits Stenehjem On Obamacare

The Stenehjem campaign has been fairly quiet since they won endorsement at the NDGOP state convention a couple of weeks ago, but the Doug Burgum campaign continues their aggressive media campaign. Their latest hit is an ad targeting Stenehjem over an amicus brief he signed on to with a bunch of Democrat attorneys general back

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Burgum Rips Stenehjem In Mailer For Siding With Obamacare In Lawsuit

Back in February of last year I was the first to report that North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem was the only Republican Attorney General to sign on to an amicus brief defending Obamacare in the King versus Burwell Supreme Court case. Now that Stenehjem is in the midst of a battle for the NDGOP nomination