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Wayne Stenehjem Needs To Explain Why He Opposed Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit

Wayne Stenehjem Needs To Explain Why He Opposed Anti-Obamacare Lawsuit

At a gubernatorial nomination debate in Rugby last week candidates Doug Burgum and Rick Becker hit Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem (who didn’t attend, shame on him) over an amicus brief he filed opposing an anti-Obamacare lawsuit. They’re talking about the King vs. Burwell case, and the candidates probably know about the issue because I wrote about

Senator Heidi Heitkamp Dodges Gun Control Questions At Social Media Town Hall

Yesterday it was Senator Heidi Heitkamp getting testy with a reporter over a gun control question. This morning we get news that, at a Facebook town hall event last not on her official U.S. Senate page, Heitkamp was dodging questions from citizens about gun control. “Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, a pro-gun Democrat from North Dakota, fielded questions about

Matt Evans: Are You Comfortable With A Fully Private Health Care System?

The news about Donald Trump suddenly got quieter, somehow, after he admitted that he wants a national healthcare system that is more socialized than Obamacare. One would think that, at this point, Trump’s popularity would nose dive.  After all, Republicans say they hate Obamacare. A big frustration I have with fellow Republicans on their criticism

Obamacare Has Been Bad For North Dakotans, But Good For Insurance Company Profits

The CEO of Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota – by far the state’s largest health insurer – visited the Fargo Forum editorial board recently to explain that his company is financially strong. That people go the idea they might not be doing so well, financially, is easy to understand. Not only did the company’s

Rod St. Aubyn: Obamacare Has Been A Friend To Big Business

Do you remember the Obama administration and Democrat leaders touting the benefits of Obamacare once it was rammed down our throats through late-night backroom deals? There were promises of lower prices and more choices for all US citizens. We were promised that each American family would realize a few thousand dollars of savings each year.

Dalrymple On 182% Increase In Medicaid Expansion Cost: "It Was The Right Thing To Do"

Yesterday I emailed Governor Jack Dalrymple’s spokesman Jeff Zent to ask for a comment on the news that the projected cost of the Obamacare Medicaid expansion here in North Dakota had gone up 182 percent. Zent called me this afternoon to say that Dalrymple was too busy to answer my questions about the increased costs,

Settlement Over Maryland Obamacare Exchange Puts North Dakota's Largest Insurer In A Bad Spot

It’s been a rough year for North Dakota’s largest insurer. First state officials decided to pull the health insurance for the Public Employees Retirement System – which provides coverage for over 66,000 state employees, a contract worth as much as $640 million per biennium- from Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota and give it to

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Governor Jack Dalrymple's "No Cost" Obamacare Medicaid Expansion To Cost 182 Percent More Than Expected

Back during the 2013 legislative session North Dakota Governor Jack Dalrymple was defending his push to implement the Obamacare expansion of the Medicaid program. The law as passed by Congress made the expansion mandatory, but the Supreme Court struck down the provision in the law punishing states for not expanding the program essentially making it

When Big Government Begets Big Business

The left claims that they dislike “big business.” It comes through in their rhetoric. They’re always railing against big, giant corporations while posturing themselves as the champions of small business. What’s ironic about this is that the big government policies the left supports very often necessitate big business. After all, who else but big corporations

Rod St. Aubyn: Politics And The Judiciary Are Not Separate Now

The writers of our Constitution and its amendments were generally very wise to ensure necessary checks and balances between the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of our government. With the announcements of major Supreme Court decisions this past week raises some new questions about adequate checks and balances. First in the decision of King v