Print Column: Shouldn’t the Law Be Legal?


MINOT, N.D. — As we approach the home stretch of the 2018 campaigns North Dakota’s Democrats are trying to make a campaign issue out of a lawsuit challenging the legality of Obamacare.

Former Congressman Earl Pomeroy, not to mention his former employee U.S. House candidate Mac Schneider, have been all but accusing Republicans of wanting to hurt people with this lawsuit.

I’ve interviewed both men on my radio show, and they claim a successful outcome for the plaintiffs in this suit would end provisions of Obamacare such as the requirement that those with pre-existing conditions be covered and the expansion of Medicaid.

While we can have a debate about whether or not those are desirable policy outcomes, what Schneider and Pomeroy and other politicos agitating on this issue seem to be saying is that the outcomes of the policy matter more than its legality.

Which is a heck of a thing.

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