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Guest Post: Let’s Dream Big and Build the Theodore Roosevelt Library

Guest Post: Let’s Dream Big and Build the Theodore Roosevelt Library

This guest post was submitted by Patrick Finken. He helped create the Norsk Hostfest and produced the Party of the Century that drew over 100,000 fellow North Dakotans to the state capitol mall in 1989. His company, Odney, also created the very successful Legendary brand strategy and campaign for the North Dakota Tourism Division. North

Guest Post: Build the Theodore Roosevelt Library and It Will Be North Dakota’s Top Tourist Attraction

This guest post was submitted by Charley Johnson of the Fargo-Moorhead Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Julie Rygg of the Greater Grand Forks CVB,¬†Phyllis Burckhard of the Minot CVB, Terri Thiel of the Dickinson CVB, and Suzie Kenner of the Destination Marketing Association of North Dakota. We are writing to express our support for the allocation

The North Dakota Taxpayers Now Own Lawrence Welk's Home

According to reports, the State Historical Society Board narrowly approved the purchase of Lawrence Welk’s homestead. State Historical Society Board votes 6-5 to buy Lawrence Welk homestead this morning.@SarahGustin2 @KXMB #kxnews — Tom Gerhardt (@bistom) January 10, 2014 Last year the state legislature approved $100,000 for the purchase. Since then an assessment by state officials

Private Donations Will Keep Open Scenic Overlook Closed By Sequester

As a part of the Obama administration’s campaign to make the sequester “cuts” (more like reductions in the growth of federal spending) hurt in very visible ways, North Dakota’s Painted Canyon Overlook (a beautiful place that is worth your time to visit if you haven’t been there) was closed. In response, Senator John Hoeven convened

No Ski Slope, But The State Of North Dakota Is Buying A Marina

The House and Senate have both agreed to a version of HB1019, the Parks and Recreation budget, and while that budget doesn’t include a $2.8 million appropriation to by the Frostfire Mountain ski resort the taxpayers are spending $750,000 on purchasing a boat marina at Lake Sakajawea State Park. Here’s Senator Krebsbach explaining the changes:

Proposed Ski Resort Purchase By State Of ND Being Sold Under False Pretenses

Last month I wrote about an amendment to North Dakota’s Parks and Recreation budget authorizing the purchase of a ski slope near Walhalla in the northeast part of North Dakota. In floor debate over the amendment, Rep. Jim Kasper questioned the originator of the amendment Rep. Dave Monson about the reason for the purchase. To

Can Medical Tourism Save America From Obamacare?

Reason has short but fascinating video about the global rise of medical tourism. There may be no greater indictment of the rise of government-managed health care on the global stage than the fact that, along with it, the medical tourism industry has grown exponentially along with it. Government health care is so great that people

North Dakota House Votes Down Bill Mandating Later School Year Start Date

Currently North Dakota law leaves the school year start date up to local school districts. Many districts choose to start their school years in mid to early August, which causes a number of headaches. Families have a smaller window into which vacations and other summer time leisure activities must be fit. Seasonal business, particularly those