Bring On The Sequester: FAA Investigating "Harlem Shake" Video Filmed In Flight


According to CNN, a group of ultimate frisbee players on their way to a tournament in San Francisco got permission from the flight crew on a Frontier Airlines to organize a “Harlem Shake” dance video with other passengers. Apparently everyone was on board with it, and they posted the result online:

Now the killjoys at the FAA are investigating:

The FAA said it was “looking into” the video, bristling at the term “investigation.” The agency said it is trying to determine whether the seat belt sign was on and the circumstances of the videotaping.

Frontier Airlines said it could not comment because of the FAA investigation, but said “all safety measures were followed and the seat belt sign was off.”

Clearly, the sequester spending reductions can’t get here soon enough. Perhaps, with smaller budgets, the federal government will push this sort of thing a bit lower on their priority list.