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Words Mean Things: The National Rifle Association Is Not a Terrorist Organization

Words Mean Things: The National Rifle Association Is Not a Terrorist Organization

This morning a reader calls my attention to a story out of San Francisco detailing a decision by the city’s Board of Supervisors to brand the National Rifle Association a ‚Äúdomestic terrorist organization.” The board also wants the city to stop dealing with any business or organization which has a relationship with the NRA. It

Equality Of Opportunity Versus Equality Of Outcome

I’ve always felt that one of the fundamental divides between the liberal versus conservative (or right versus left, etc., etc.) view of the world is the notion of equality. The right, I think, generally wants equality of opportunity, meaning that everyone should have the same choices available to them, and that outcomes should be dictated

Fracking Moratorium Goes Down In Flames In…California?

This is a couple of weeks old, but I missed it. It seems that even in oh-so-green California, home to militant environmentalists and a liberal super-majority in state government, the economic benefits of fracking are clear to a majority: Democratic leaders brought their fracking moratorium bill to the Assembly floor last week, and their rank

Valedictorian Has His Mic Cut Off After Mentioning Religion In Commencement Speech

A similar story about a valedictorian at a South Carolina high school ripping up his speech and delivering the Lord’s Prayer, in defiance of school policy, got a lot of reaction on the reader blogs. Today comes another story about a valedictorian in Texas who got his mic cut off after he diverged from his

California Legalizes Pot, Drug Dealers Move To New York

There’s a fascinating lesson in the economics of prohibition to be learned from this report of a drug dealer who moved from California, where marijuana is basically legal, to New York where it remains illegal: Meet Chuck, a San Francisco marijuana dealer, who came to New York from California to sell weed because, in New

Bring On The Sequester: FAA Investigating "Harlem Shake" Video Filmed In Flight

According to CNN, a group of ultimate frisbee players on their way to a tournament in San Francisco got permission from the flight crew on a Frontier Airlines to organize a “Harlem Shake” dance video with other passengers. Apparently everyone was on board with it, and they posted the result online: Now the killjoys at