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Schafer Column: Don't Be Afraid Of Pocketknives On Airplanes

Schafer Column: Don't Be Afraid Of Pocketknives On Airplanes

I sure am curious as to why people are so frightened about the FAA allowing a small pocket knife on airliners. The new rules will allow me to carry a small knife with up to a 2.3 inch blade. I am excited to be able to carry my small Swiss Army knife that has a

Bring On The Sequester: FAA Investigating "Harlem Shake" Video Filmed In Flight

According to CNN, a group of ultimate frisbee players on their way to a tournament in San Francisco got permission from the flight crew on a Frontier Airlines to organize a “Harlem Shake” dance video with other passengers. Apparently everyone was on board with it, and they posted the result online: Now the killjoys at

Grand Forks Herald Flip Flops On Drone Privacy Concerns

“Despite a burgeoning national movement that’s resulting in proposals to protect individual privacy from coast to coast, too few police officers in North Dakota seem to take seriously the privacy concerns raised by drones,” wrote the Grand Forks Herald editorial board back in January, expressing support for a drone privacy bill before the legislature. But

2013 NDSU Airplane Lobbying Efforts Tally: $21,653

Despite legislative expectations that NDSU would be selling their airplane, they haven’t yet and instead are using it to fly back and forth to Bismarck to lobby legislators for bigger budgets. NDSU officials routinely complain that their university is underfunded, but that’s a little hard to buy given how much money they spend on private