Bill Before ND Legislature Would Allow Concealed Carry In Schools, Churches


gun free zone sign

A bill introduced at the ND legislature would ease some of North Dakota’s concealed carry laws by allowing concealed carry in state parks and federal parks as well as in schools and churches with permission.

From the pertinent section (full bill below):

An individual possessing a valid concealed weapons license from this state or a valid license issued by another state authorizing the person to carry a dangerous weapon concealed if the individual is in a church and has the approval to carry in the church by a primary religious leader of the church or the governing body of the church or is in a school and has the approval to carry by the principal or the governing body of the school

One of the hot topics coming out of the recent gun control debate is whether or not we should end the “gun free zones” around our schools. I think that’s something we absolutely need to do as it is clear from the evidence that identifying these areas as “gun free zones” makes them targets. As further proof, consider that some of the loudest anti-gun voices don’t want their homes identified as “gun free zones” for that very reason.

This bill would clear the way for school officials to allow teachers and other employees to concealed carry on school grounds, sending a message to would-be shooters that these places might not be as vulnerable to attack as they once were.

Update: HB1215 would also allow concealed carry on school grounds, subject to permission from the governing body of the school, but is a bit more problematic in that it exempts discussions about firearms policy on school grounds from open meetings laws.

That’s the wrong approach.

HB1283 Easing Concealed Carry by