Audio: ND Indian Affairs Commish Says It’s “Unfortunate” That Some Are Staying in #NoDAPL Camps

On my radio show today I had on Scott Davis, North Dakota’s Commissioner for Indian Affairs.

Scott is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and helped coordinate the recent meeting between Governor Jack Dalrymple, Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault, and five other members of the tribe’s council.

He also attended the meeting.

“It went really well,” Davis told me of the gathering. “I think it was very constructive. It was the first baby steps toward repairing relationships with the tribe, my tribe.”

As I wrote earlier, Archambault indicated that the camps could be clear by January 1st, but that some activists (notably former Democratic U.S. House candidate Chase Iron Eyes) were insisting on staying.

“It is unfortunate to hear people saying those kind of things,” Davis told me. “I don’t see the point of staying there.”

Here’s the full audio:

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