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Plain Talk: ND Indian Affairs Commissioner Says Tribes Feel a Little Duped by Legislature’s Expansion of Gambling

Plain Talk: ND Indian Affairs Commissioner Says Tribes Feel a Little Duped by Legislature’s Expansion of Gambling

“I don’t want to use the word ‘duped,’” North Dakota Indian Affairs Commissioner Scott Davis told me during this episode of Plain Talk. But then he went ahead and used it anyway. We were discussing the Legislature’s expansion of charitable gaming to include electronic pull-tab machines which essentially function like slot machines. Per a recent

Auditor Says State Indian Affairs Commission “Misspent State Funds” on Gift Cards

State Auditor Josh Gallion’s office has dinged North Dakota’s Indian Affairs Commission for buying nearly $8,000 worth of gift cards which were given to students and mentors at an annual leadership conference. The audit report also says the commission hasn’t done a proper inventory, nor has it conducted a fraud risk assessment, but I suspect

Should Convicted Criminals Be Able to Serve on North Dakota’s School Boards?

Last week Bismarck Tribune reporter Amy Dalrymple ran a story about a Twin Buttes woman named Melissa Starr who was elected to the local school board despite a conviction for embezzlement she’s still paying restitution on. Embezzlement from the school district she was just elected to govern. “Starr was one of seven Twin Buttes School

Despite National Media Narrative, Native American Voting in North Dakota Is Likely to Break Records

“North Dakota’s Native Americans say new law blocks much of population’s right to vote,” a headline from ABC news states. But this doesn’t quite jibe with reality. Far from votes being suppressed, we seem to be on track to set records for turnout in our state’s Native American communities. But don’t take my word for

Reporter Responsible for “Floating Buffalo” Fake News During #NoDAPL Protests Gets a Big Promotion

Back during the violent #NoDAPL protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline there was a news report from NBC’s Cal Perry about protesters who were worried a pipeline leak would ruin buffalo hunts since locals float the animals they harvest down the river. Only, the story was totally bogus. In fact, Perry was apparently told it

Fake News: MSNBC Aired #NoDAPL Report on Buffalo Hunting Even After They Were Told It Is Inaccurate

Last week I posted some video a #NoDAPL activist had taken of a MSNBC news team recording a segment from the Oceti Sakowin protest camp in south central North Dakota. When I originally posted the video I couldn’t find where it had actually been broadcast. I thought that perhaps Perry, having been told that his

Video: NBC News Team Surprised to Learn That North Dakota Indians Shop at Grocery Stores

In the annals of clueless, slanted, utterly out-of-touch national media reporting from the #NoDAPL protests in south central North Dakota this recorded NBC News report takes the cake. The video below was taken by one of the self-styled “water protectors” of NBC/MSNBC reporter Cal Perry recording a report on site. I’m assuming it was for the

Audio: ND Indian Affairs Commish Says It’s “Unfortunate” That Some Are Staying in #NoDAPL Camps

On my radio show today I had on Scott Davis, North Dakota’s Commissioner for Indian Affairs. Scott is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and helped coordinate the recent meeting between Governor Jack Dalrymple, Standing Rock Chairman David Archambault, and five other members of the tribe’s council. He also attended the meeting. “It