Anti-Gun Groups Attack Charities Funded By Gun Sale Profits


According to this report from Bloomberg News, owned by rabidly-anti gun New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, schools that benefit from contributions from the Walton Family Foundation are re-thinking the acceptance of those funds because most of that wealth comes from the family’s involvement in the Walmart stores which, in turn, are the nation’s #1 gun retailers.

“It’s a moral issue,” one school principal interviewed for the story claims. “Can we take funding from a company that is linked to a potential disaster in our school? Do we want to associate ourselves with guns?”

This might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Setting aside the stupidity of schools hurting themselves, and their students, to satisfy some knee-jerk demand for political puritanism, why should any school be ashamed of taking money which came from the lawful exchange of goods and services?

What if this foundation wasn’t connected with Walmart but, say, The Ford Foundation which was started with the Ford family’s auto manufacturing fortune. Sometimes the cards Ford makes are used in crimes – drunk driving, bank robberies, etc. – should the foundation be held responsible for that? Should beneficiaries of the foundation’s charity turn down the money because sometimes Ford’s legal products are used in crimes?

Most of us would think that absurd. So why is it any less absurd to turn down Walmart’s money because sometimes criminal use products purchased at Walmart to commit crimes?