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Watch It: Surveillance Video Of Grand Forks Walmart Shooting

Watch It: Surveillance Video Of Grand Forks Walmart Shooting

The Grand Forks Police Department has released video of the shooting at the Walmart in that city which took place back in May, but it’s almost impossible to watch or download the video from their website (I’m guessing due to high traffic) so I’ve downloaded the clips and combined them on YouTube. You can watch

Walmart Continues Charity For Employees Despite Misguided Political Criticism

Last year Walmart was the target of a social media firestorm after it was revealed that they were running a food drive for some of their employees. The outraged felt that this was hypocritical on Walmart’s part since the company could obviously solve of their employees’ struggles with poverty by just paying them more. They

Lower Prescription Costs Are A Red Herring In Measure 7 Debate

Ironically both sides in the debate over Measure 7 (that’s the one which would repeal North Dakota’s archaic pharmacy protection law) are claiming that voting their way would be a vote for lower prescription prices. This week a reader sent me the photo above of a billboard put up near Jamestown. It was purchased by

Rick Olson: Voters Finally Have A Chance To Lower Their Perscription Prices

North Dakotans will have the opportunity at the Nov. 4 general election to finally rid our state of one of the most anti-competitive laws that we have on the books today. I’m referring, of course, to the pharmacy ownership law, which has been on the books for over 50 years. The subject of the pharmacy

Petitions To Repeal North Dakota's Pharmacy Law To Be Circulated Again

I missed this in the lead up to the holiday weekend, but last week the Bismarck Tribune reported that another petition to repeal North Dakota’s bizarre pharmacy protection law has been filed with the Secretary of State’s office which is set to approve it for circulation. For the uninitiated, North Dakota law (specifically 43-15-35 of the

Jamestown Chamber Of Commerce Members Oppose Subsidies For Big Box Retail

“This town blocked a Walmart — and it was a victory for economic liberty,” read the headline for a Tim Carney column at the Washington Examiner. Carney’s column describes a town in Missouri that decided not to dole out economic development favors for Walmart. “If you want to buy and develop property that exists, you

War Over Walmart To Be Settled In Minot On Monday

The 2011 flooding of the Souris river in Minot, which bisects the city from east to west, made it clear to the community that far too much of the city’s commerce is focused on the south end of town. During flooding, those living in the north part of town had few choices for stores selling