Paul Sorum: Prairie Public Is Trying To Keep Me Out Of Gubernatorial Debate


Prairie Public Broadcasting is trying to silence the voice of the unborn and traditional marriage.

As the only pro-life gubernatorial candidate who also supports traditional marriage running in the Republican Primary, I am used to a certain amount of hostility thrown my direction.

This past week I learned that Prairie Public Broadcasting (BBP) was hosting a debate among the Republican gubernatorial candidates. I was informed that this gubernatorial debate was to be recorded on May 6th.

The producer of the PPB gubernatorial debates, Matt Olien, said that I was not invited to the debates. They only wanted you to hear from Wayne Stenehjem and Doug Burgum. Both are pro-choice and support same sex marriage. Clearly, PPB is leaving out the loan social conservative in the governor’s race in order to manipulate the outcome of the primary election.

When an organization such as PPB receives $1.7 million in state tax dollars and then becomes politically active, as they clearly are in this case, they are violating North Dakota’s corrupt practices laws.

Call Matt Olien TODAY! Don’t let them silence conservative values in North Dakota. Dial 701- 241-6900 to let him know you support hearing from all the candidates.

Call Wayne Stenehjem at 701-328-2210 and ask him to stop his influence peddling and start enforcing North Dakota’s corrupt practices laws.

Don’t let this election be bought with your tax dollars, let the Good Ol’ Boys know we are watching and will not stand for it.

It only takes a moment and you can be the difference. Call now and then forward this message on to friends and family. Do not be silenced! Together we can be the conservative correction this great state deserves.