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Lynn Helms, state director of department of mineral resources, talks about North Dakota's oil production Monday, July 19, 2010, at his office in Bismarck.

Accusations About Oil Regulators Destroying Records Are Political Baloney

Accusations About Oil Regulators Destroying Records Are Political Baloney

A recent news article credulously reported the claims of a Bismarck attorney who is accusing the Department of Mineral Resources of deleting public records. That’s a serious accusation. Destroying or otherwise inhibiting the public’s access to public records is a crime, one possibly as serious as a felony depending on the circumstances. But as I

Rep. Marvin Nelson (D-Rolla) speaks to the 2016 North Dakota Democratic-NPL party state convention while accepting the party endorsement for governor. TOM STROMME/Tribune

Accusations Aimed At North Dakota Oil Regulators Have The Stink Of Partisan Politics

Here’s some advice for this alleged whistle blower at the Department of Mineral Resources who is making accusations about destroyed records pertaining to oil transportation. You may want to consider who you’re working with. Because given the cast of characters involved so far, this is starting to look like yet another election year political stunt from

North Dakota gubernatorial candidate Doug Burgum, center, debates Wayne Stenehjem, left, and Paul Sorum at the North Dakota Newspaper Association convention Saturday, May 7, 2016, in Crosby. Michael Vosburg / Forum News Service

In Questionnaire Stenehjem Flip Flops On Gay Marriage While Burgum Is Incoherent On Abortion

The North Dakota Family Alliance is one of the largest and most well-known socially conservative groups in North Dakota. Recently they sent out a questionnaire to the Republican gubernatorial candidates – Doug Burgum, Wayne Stenehjem, and Paul Sorum – asking them about certain issues of interest to the group. Like abortion, gay marriage, and religious

Doug Burgum, Republican candidate for governor. Photo via Burgum campaign

Doug Burgum Stuck In The Uncanny Valley

The uncanny valley is an idea in the field of robotics related to how humans react to robots which look like them. Humans tend to like robots that don’t look at all like humans, or that look indistinguishable from humans, but present an “uncanny valley” of negative feelings toward robots which look almost-but-not-quite human. Back in

Sorum campaign photo.

Paul Sorum: Prairie Public Is Trying To Keep Me Out Of Gubernatorial Debate

Prairie Public Broadcasting is trying to silence the voice of the unborn and traditional marriage. As the only pro-life gubernatorial candidate who also supports traditional marriage running in the Republican Primary, I am used to a certain amount of hostility thrown my direction. This past week I learned that Prairie Public Broadcasting (BBP) was hosting

Where North Dakota's Gubernatorial Candidates Stand On The Transgender Bathroom Issue

States grappling with how to accommodate trans-gendered citizens when it comes to publicly accessible restrooms has been much in the news recently. In fact, laws passed in some states have prompted widespread protests and boycotts from celebrities and corporate America. Here in North Dakota we have four people running to be the next governor. Many

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Paul Sorum Says He May Be On June Ballot For Governor As A Republican

The number of Republican gubernatorial candidates in North Dakota’s 2016 election cycle just went up to four, it seems. Currently state Rep. Rick Becker, Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem, and Fargo businessman Doug Burgum are vying for the North Dakota Republican Party’s nomination to run for the office. Now Paul Sorum, who was on the statewide ballot as an

Paul Sorum Has Republicans Scratching Their Heads

North Dakota political activist Paul Sorum has always had something of a combative relationship with the North Dakota Republican Party. In 2010 Sorum emerged from the state’s tea party protests to challenge then-Governor John Hoeven from the right for the NDGOP’s nomination for the U.S. Senate race. Hoeven won easily, but Sorum got a respectable