Why Do North Dakota Democrats Hate Hungry Children?


I got this invitation from North Dakota Democrats today inviting me to a chili feed in Bismarck which will feature former gubernatorial candidate Ryan Taylor portraying Will Rogers. Because I’m not very interested in watching a humorless man playact as a humorist I won’t be attending, but I noticed something interesting.

Democrats aren’t inviting any poor, hungry children to eat for free.

This is surprising to me given that the Democrats were recently using a conflict with Republicans over funding for a third pint of milk for school kids in the state to raise money for their party. I just assumed that some of those funds they raised would actually be used for, you know, kids and stuff.

I guess not. Does that mean it’s fair to suggest that Democrats care more about filling their coffers to fund their political activities than helping disadvantaged children? Of course not. But then, it also wasn’t fair for Democrats to suggest that Republicans don’t care about children because they didn’t approve an appropriation for a statewide mandate for a third half-pint of milk a day that no school district even bothered to testify in favor of.