Whoops: Controversy Results In More Ticket Sales For Gun Raffle


I wrote earlier this week about the West Fargo Hockey Club becoming a target for the anti-gun crowd over a fundraiser they’re holding raffling off 200 guns (including scary “assault weapons”).

But something ironic happened. As the raffle got media attention, ticket sales went through the roof.

“We’ve seen an increase in traffic and appreciate all of the positive encouragement received from around the nation!” club President Cal Helgeson told me yesterday in an email. “While some media outlets on the east coast choose to show their negative opinion, we’ve received a substantial number of supporters coming in opposing the media’s view.”

Helgeson said all the attention has had a big impact on ticket sales. “The negative media attention from the east coast has encouraged people from the east coast to respond to us in a positive, supportive manner.”

So, thanks to the anti-gun folks picking a fight with the hockey club, people from all over the country are buying raffle tickets for a North Dakota hockey club fundraiser.

The anti-gun people just can’t win. Their griping may be the best thing that has ever happened to the West Fargo Hockey Club.

Update: I was remiss in not providing a link to West Fargo Hockey where raffle tickets may still be available.