We Now Return You To Your Regularly Scheduled Programming


Work ahead for everyone.

Thank you all for being patient while I took some time off to be with family these last two weeks.

In case you hadn’t heard, Jess and I welcomed a new addition to our family on August 11. Cooper Robert Port is healthy and happy, as is momma.

I had expected to slow down the pace of my work here on the blog for a couple of weeks after the birth, but I didn’t expect to slow down quite as much as I did. There were some other unforeseen events in the form of two visits to the emergency room with my oldest daughter.

She managed to roll over a four wheeler on top of herself one day, straining some neck muscles and giving herself a nasty shiner. She was wearing a helmet, and has taken the requisite ATV safety course, but sometimes accidents just happen I guess.

And boy do they. Just as my daughter was recovering from the ATV accident her little sister managed to slam her head in a car door. The big one was standing on the running board, stepping into the cab, when the little one ran by and pushed the door shut.

A split ear was the result, and the second trip to the ER.

Thankfully things eventually settled down, and I got some solid family time in and even some time to relax. It was nice to unplug from current events for a while.

But I won’t say I’m not anxious to get back at it. The one thing taking a break from writing and broadcasting reminds me of is how much I love writing and broadcasting. During this last week my wife told me she could tell I’ve been getting antsy, and she was right.

So back at it this week, and thanks again to all of you who sent your thoughts and prayers our way.