Video: A State Senator Cracked a Fart Joke During Floor Debate Today


Legislating is a fraught process, whether it’s at the national level or right here in North Dakota.

Sometimes emotions run wild and tension is high. Other times the proceedings are gouge-your-eyeballs-out boring.

So I guess we participants and observers have to take our levity where we can get it.

Senator Howard Anderson (R-Turtle Lake) certainly did that today. While carrying HB1191 to the Senate floor today (it has to do with political subdivision borrowing authority) he made a fart joke.

Anderson told the floor that the lawmakers seated around him asked him to keep his speeches short today so that the Senate could “adjourn before the bowl of chili I had for lunch kicks in.”

Lawmakers aren’t exactly known for their humor, but I’ll admit it. I laughed.

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