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Dina Butcher, left, hands North Dakota Secretary of State Al Jaeger a proposed petition for a ballot measure to add anti-corruption policies to the state constitution Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018 at the state Capitol in Bismarck. John Hageman / Forum News Service

Offer of Free Ballet Tickets Sets Off Emailed War of Words Among Lawmakers, Measure 1 Activist

Offer of Free Ballet Tickets Sets Off Emailed War of Words Among Lawmakers, Measure 1 Activist

A legislative source forwarded me an email exchange which illustrates perfectly the Legislature’s efforts to implement Measure 1 (ethics) approved by voters last year. And why many observers, including myself and the ACLU, opposed the measure as an infringement on speech and political activity unreasonable to the point of being unconstitutional. The whole thing is

Senator Howard Anderson (R-Turtle Lake) cracks wise for his fellow lawmakers.

Video: A State Senator Cracked a Fart Joke During Floor Debate Today

Legislating is a fraught process, whether it’s at the national level or right here in North Dakota. Sometimes emotions run wild and tension is high. Other times the proceedings are gouge-your-eyeballs-out boring. So I guess we participants and observers have to take our levity where we can get it. Senator Howard Anderson (R-Turtle Lake) certainly

ND House Says Yes To Bill Granting Immunity To Those Reporting Drug Overdoses

In the 2013 session Rep. Marie Strinden – a Democrat from Grand Forks – introduced HB1412 which would have given immunity from prosecution to those reporting an overdose of alcohol. Obviously, this was aimed at underage drinkers who might not take a friend to the hospital out of fear of legal consequences. The House actually passed

Should Being A Property Owner Qualify You To Vote In A School District You Don't Live In?

A couple of days ago I wrote about HB1383 which addresses the qualification of voters to cast ballots in school bond elections. As the bill is written, it would seem to limit voter eligibility in school bond elections to people who are a) eighteen years old and b) “freeholders,” or property owners. Yesterday a SAB

Senate Unanimously Passes Immunity For Those Reporting Drug Overdoses

A bill to grant limited immunity to those who report drug overdoses to the proper authorities passed the state Senate unanimously today (with one Senator not voting). The bill is SB2070, sponsored by Senator Howard Anderson, a Republican from Turtle Lake. There was no debate after the bill carrier, Senator Grabinger, informed the chamber of