Video: #NoDAPL Protesters Scuffle With Journalist, Surround Car Preventing Them From Leaving Camp


Yesterday I wrote about filmmakers Phelim McAleer and Magdalena Segieda posting on Facebook that they had been assaulted at a #NoDAPL protest camp and prevented from leaving. Morton County officials confirmed the incident, telling me last night that a deputy had to rescue the pair from the camp.

Today I can present you with some video of the incident. It was first played at a Morton County press conference (video here) and was distributed to the press by the county afterward. It shows excerpts from the overall video including McAleer scuffling with one of the protesters who called himself security as well as the filmmakers sitting in their car and being prevented from leaving.

Morton County also issued a press release on the incident today. An excerpt:

The male reporter was interviewing a group of individuals at the camp. It is apparent by watching the video of the interview that the individuals got offended by a line of questioning. One individual who identified himself as camp security tried to grab the reporter’s microphone and dragged the reporter who would not let go of his equipment.

“The journalists made their way back to the vehicle. However, protesters blocked them in by surrounding their vehicle with people and vehicles. Individuals are seen pounding on the journalist’s vehicles and rocking it,” said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier. “Protesters demanded the journalists turn over their video footage. Numerous times the journalists pleaded with protesters to “let them leave.”

The journalists called 9-1-1 for help, during the call you can hear the frantic plea for help. The journalists told our Morton County investigators they were, “scared for their life.”

According to the interview with our investigation team, the journalists were fearful of putting their vehicle into park for fear that this would unlock their doors.  They eventually were allowed to drive toward the camp entrance. However, camp security closed the gate and blocked them from leaving.

Officers responded to the camp and using a PA asked individuals in the camp to allow the journalists leave. The officer told the media the female journalist was terrified. The journalists were escorted to the Morton County Law Enforcement Center where they were interviewed. Morton County authorities will be investigating this incident for possible charges.

I have McAleer on my radio show tomorrow at 1:00pm, so be sure to tune in for that. I’m also told that the filmmakers will be releasing more footage from the incident. Law enforcement sources I’ve spoken to say the clips above do not do the whole footage justice.

I’ll post that as soon as it is available.

Here’s the Morton County press release:

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